How is data handled with the GPT integration?

When you use our 'writing suggestions by GPT' functionality, we will send data to OpenAI as a third party. However, this process is much more private than if you were to use OpenAI's ChatGPT directly.

First, you are required to (re)accept our privacy policy together with a notice that data will be shared with OpenAI. Then, only the specific text (i.e. CV line or selected text) selected by you is sent to OpenAI, without any PII details or other parts of the CV.

Unlike interactions linked to a personal user account in ChatGPT, the text is sent from our general CareerSet account, so it has no association with you as an individual. We have established a Data Processing Agreement with OpenAI to ensure data security, and we carefully designed our integration with GPT to strike the perfect balance between harnessing the latest technology and maintaining a robust learning experience.

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