Who does CareerSet share data with?

We are committed to minimal data sharing, limiting the amount of data shared and the number of parties involved. Your data is exclusively used to support your employability and is not repurposed for any other reason. Following our privacy policy, we may share your data with the following parties:

    1. our employees, agents, and professional advisors - to ensure the seamless provision of our services and delivery of our solutions;
    2. your affiliated educational institution that granted access to CareerSet - to provide valuable insights into your usage and feedback, ultimately enhancing personalised career support;
    3. your affiliated educational institution's career centre management system provider (if applicable) - to ensure efficient storage of student information for enhanced service delivery;
    4. our hosting provider, DigitalOcean - to securely store our data and make our website accessible via our registered domain;
    5. third-party entity OpenAI - we collaborate with OpenAI to power our optional 'Writing Suggestions' features. When you request writing suggestions, only the selected content is shared with OpenAI, excluding any personally identifiable information or other parts of your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.

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